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We at DKW group strongly believe that residential space was intended to be more than just own four walls. Residential space should make people happy by being intelligently conceived and built with sustainability. With this as our maxim, we develop real estates at a number of German locations, therefore we are always on the lookout for suitable acquisition candidates.

Especially in the metropolitan areas of Berlin, living room will be scarce, although many areas remain unused or stay empty at the same time. If you are intended in selling your property and unlock the capital tight in your real estate, please contact us.

Our Purchase Criteria

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We have decided to define narrow criteria for purchase of new projects. By complying these guiding principles, we take great care to maintain our quality standard that customers have relied upon for many years.


We are known for making quick decisions. No waiting guaranteed.


Punctual purchase price payment in accordance with our agreement.


Absolute discretion and confidentiality are as standard on each transaction.

Valuation through sworn expert

Does your real estate substantially suits with our purchase criteria, but you do not know which proceed you receive for your real estate? We will instruct a qualified expert to provide you with the realistic market value of your property. 100 % transparent.

This offer should be a support to all those who are no real estate professionals. Naturally you remain free to request a further expert.

Even if you come after considering all the data to the conclusion that you want not or sell to another purchaser then we don’t charge fees. By contacting us without obligation, you have much more to gain than too minor sales revenues.

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